We need to face the facts that America owes the world our vaccine stock.

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It was late-2020 when I started getting frantic messages from my friend on the other side of the world. He was understandably shaken, distraught over the thought that at any moment, he might lose his whole family. People were dying at an incredible rate, he explained, and it felt like his friends, neighbors, and loved ones were all dying. As he stayed indoors and did the best he could to prevent himself from getting the virus, he felt like it was only a matter of time.

India was in the throes of an unrelenting spread of the delta variant of…

Jeff Bezos really, really pisses me off…

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Jeff Bezos recently went into space. Great. Just what we need. Another villain trying to show us how rich he is by blasting off into space. He might as well order 15 of New York’s most expensive steaks and eat them in front of hungry homeless people.

He took off into space. On a penis-shaped rocket, no less. How ostentatious. As if Mr. Bezos wasn’t screwing the earth hard enough as it is. The metaphor is perfect for our current plight. It’s the billionaires screwing us at every turn. They’re even screwing us from space now.

Bezos even had the…

Florida, once hailed as a state that found a sensible balance between safety and economic freedom, is coming under renewed scrutiny for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic


It was an astonishing moment earlier this year when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis overtook former President Donald Trump in a Colorado poll conducted with Republican voters. He was later out-polled by the Don, as former President Donald Trump took back the title in a later poll conducted at CPAC, the conservative political convention held in Dallas earlier this month.

On the other side of the coin, Governor DeSantis has raised more than $30 million dollars thus far in 2021 alone, since January. He’s undeniably a hot commodity of the Republican Party. He’s ticking all the right boxes of what the…

The Looming Split Between Governor DeSantis and Donald Trump


I asked earlier this month, “Are Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and President Trump breaking up?” While the question was both rhetorical and tongue-in-cheek, the more I think about it, the more things appear to be headed that way. There seems to be something brewing beneath the surface of the Republican Party, something that hasn’t quite fully come to light yet. And that “something” is coming in the form of some changes taking place, shifts in perception, and the desire of the party to win after a devastating loss to Joe Biden in November of 2020.

In the wake of the…

Some have raised concerns that Florida is headed in the direction of the Thought Police of the novel 1984


“State bill would put Big Brother’s thought police on campus,” reads the headline of a recent piece, as fears abound about the new law passed here in Florida, as Governor Ron DeSantis seeks to go to war with college campuses. Some find it eerie that the Governor wants to know the political leanings of everyone on college campuses, while supporters of the bill believe it’s a necessary step to curb perceived “bias” and discrimination against them.

“DeSantis is ‘Florida Man’” read another headline from Deadspin, in response to the Florida Governor signing a rather odd new piece of legislation called…

Florida Man will officially go to jail for the Capitol riot


Early this month, July 6th marked the six-month point after the egregious assault on the U.S. Capitol that left five people dead, including Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick. The assault was swift, destructive, and deadly. And even though Sicknick was a supporter of President Trump himself, that didn’t stop the mob of Trump supporters from killing him while attacking other officers. Those who assaulted the Capitol brought makeshift weapons with them, everything from baseball bats to hockey sticks, bear mace, and more.

All is fair in love and war, they say, and the U.S. Capitol looked far more like a…

Their singularity of purpose unites behind one thing: ending American democracy

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A lot of people don’t understand this right now, but American democracy is in shambles. Most people are still walking around going on about their daily lives blissfully unaware of the changes that have gone on since the January 6 uprising at the U.S. Capitol alone.

Since then, the Republican Party has not only doubled down on its insistence that the Capitol riot wasn’t a big deal, telling us we should “just move on,” but they’ve even stonewalled any attempts by the Senate to investigate what happened and who was involved.

In a move that infuriated centrist and democrats alike…

Transgender girls will no longer be able to participate in girls’ sports

Gage Skidmore; Wikimedia Commons

Today, June 1st of 2021, is the first day of Pride Month, a month where LGBTQ people celebrate diversity and culture, as well as the gains made over the years encompassing a span of LGBTQ rights. Also today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a controversial law that’s been debated hotly among political pundits and basically everyone paying attention for months now: the one that disallows transgender girls from participating in girls’ sports statewide. It’s called the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, and Governor DeSantis views it as a way to keep the playing field even and sports competitions.

Transgender girls…

DeSantis Vs the Corporate Social Media Giants

Gage Skidmore; Wikimedia Commons

This Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took aim at tech companies when he signed into law a piece of legislation that gives the Florida Elections Commission to fine social media companies $250,000, per day, for banning political candidates. In what’s been described as “the first of its kind,” the legislation will take aim at what Governor DeSantis and many other Republicans see as tech company overreach.

The law says that suspensions for up to a maximum of 14 days are permitted, but permanent bans will no longer be allowed.

Tech companies, who DeSantis refers to as “Silicon Valley Elites,” banned…

The United States’ War on Terror Continues

U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos

You may remember back in October of 2019, as we were all getting ready for Halloween, President Trump took the stage late at night and delivered a message to the nation. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the man who’d led the Islamic State, otherwise known as ISIS, had been killed. American forces descended upon his location and killed the leader of the terrorist organization in a raid in Syria.

At the time, President Trump said that Mr. al-Baghdadi had, “Died like a dog,” and, “Died like a coward.”

It was arguably the most significant American victory in the war on violent terrorism…

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