This is why you should be more afraid of COVID-19 than the vaccines.

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Lately, there’ve been a lot of battles with a lot of messy fighting, especially on the internet, in terms of the COVID-19 vaccines and the virus. The whole pandemic got off to a messy start, with the Trump Administration .

, “It’s just a flu,” likening the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 to the common annual flu we experience.

Before I get started demonstrating why that’s wrong, I want to let you know from the outset that I value the fact that you’re thinking things through before just jumping blindly into something…

Evolution explains why people want you to get vaccinated.

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You may be wondering why the vaccine efforts are ramping up. It might seem like other people are just trying to control you, which does happen all the time. If there’s one thing that’s constant in humans, it’s the weird desire to control one another.

But that doesn’t mean that everything that the pro-vax crowd says is wrong. There are a few reasons for this, all of them explained by evolutionary biology.

All organisms evolve when spontaneous mutations occur. This process isn’t conscious. Wolves didn’t intend to become dogs. It just happened.

And it happened with the help of selection…

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Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden go toe-to-toe over the federal vaccine mandates

What began as a few minor skirmishes have heated up into an all-out war, of both political maneuvers and words, between President Joe Biden and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. This whole thing kicked off when earlier this week President Biden a vaccine mandate for the United States. The mandate includes all federal employees and anyone working at a company who takes federal funding.

The options are simple.

The companies either implement weekly testing or their employees need to get vaccinated. Needless to say, this has outraged many, while others see it as a welcome change that the…


Our healthcare system is finally starting to go back to normal

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It’s with great joy that I’ve come to report that Florida is finally starting to come out of the other end of the “fourth wave” of the COVID-19 pandemic. Things really began to tick back up again in mid-to-late June, as the Delta variant spread in the state of Florida and elsewhere in the South. Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and several other states were all hit very hard, with tens of thousands of deaths in each state and countless illnesses.

Here in Florida, our hospital beds quickly ran out and our ICUs in hospitals around the state reached and exceeded capacity…


There’s no turning back


America’s in a crazy place. In case you didn’t notice.

People are drinking horse dewormer to stick it to the libs because the memes of disinformation told them it was a good idea. We’ve got one of the most listened-to podcasters in the country telling his millions of followers not to get vaccinated, telling them instead to consider a wild cocktail of different drugs that haven’t been studied together instead — just like he did.

Yes, I’m talking about , of course.

We’re struggling to get over after hitting about


Memes and conversations would have you believe otherwise, but here’s why testing welfare recipients is a bad idea

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A few hours ago, WESH Channel 2 News of Central Florida ran a story about nine people who were arrested in Palm Beach County for fraudulently stealing over $550,000 in unemployment benefits. I should say that the WESH story in the first sentence that the fraudsters had stolen the money from several states, not just Florida.

Those 9 people were arrested back on September 2nd after residential search warrants were issued and the sting was busted up. The Delray Beach Police Department who caught the thieves said in a statement:

During the course of the subsequent investigation, it…


Florida Dept. of Education will now withhold teacher salaries for the districts implementing mask mandates

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The news just came through within the hour that the Florida Education Commissioner, Richard Cocoran, will withhold the salaries of school board members from two districts in Florida. The battle is heating up, even though DeSantis just three days ago in Leon County.

Why is the state still fighting this? I have no idea, except the hunch that their ideology is blinding them to the fact that such a move as banning mask mandates is both extremely with Florida voters and now illegal per Florida courts.

After a bitterly contested and long protracted legal battle, Florida’s…


Fears are now brewing that after Texas’ near-total abortion ban, Florida might be next

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Long before the Governorship of Ron DeSantis, Florida has long had some of the most restrictive laws in the country in terms of abortion. Former Governor, now Senator Rick Scott, signed a law during his tenure that said that practitioners have to “check” to make sure a baby wasn’t born alive. The law .

And sort of like the Texas law, it’s not just the person carrying out the abortions who would be affected. Under the law Rick Scott passed, employees of the hospital or healthcare center could also be punished.

Florida ponders a near-total abortion ban in the state and the Florida State Senate President is making overtures toward doing just that

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In the wake of a controversial law taking effect in Texas that nearly bans abortions in the state completely, fears have swirled around that Florida may be one of the next states to implement a similar ban. Anti-abortion activists, of course, have hailed the new Texas law as a major victory in what they see as defending the right to life.

No doubt this is going to be a bitterly contested legal fight, one that should be drawn out over the next couple of years if not shot down by the Supreme Court. Speaking of the Supreme Court, in the…

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DeSantis’ school mask ban has been shot down in court. What other draconian policies will be next?

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It’s official. It took a long time in the courts and a bitterly contested fight. But after a long and protracted legal battle, the mask mandate ban that officially barred Florida schools, localities, municipalities, counties, cities, and towns from implementing sensible mask mandates, in Leon County.

The battle spans all the way back to early May of this year when on May 5th, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shocked everyone with a few pieces of heavy-handed legislation at kneecapping virtually any government institution that wanted to implement safe and sane policies…

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